About Coaching

Something about my methods

I have self-developed improvement plans for all levels of players, from total beginners to advanced players. You can follow my plan for improvement or you can choose topics to work on. My lessons are personalized, very instructive and applicable as well as homework based. I can help you to have a better understanding in all stages or the game. I usually start with endgames and later work on tactics, openings, middle game plans, strategy and so on. I consider endgames to be the most important stage of the game, which will help players to better understand middle games and openings.

It is also possible to play games during the lessons with either a brief or deep analysis of your style and weak points. The best part of all of this is that all of my lessons are audio covered. It is only necessary to install Skype and you can listen to my comments, explanations, questions, etc.

My lessons are live, in real-time, and totally dedicated to the student.

Something about servers for online coaching

I work as a coach at almost all chess servers no matter if are they free (Lichess) or commercial (ICC or Chess.com). If you already have an account at one of those chess servers we are almost ready to start.

ICC (Internet Chess Club) - This is the best commercial chess server. If you visit their web site www.chessclub.com you can open an account there, check the membership rates, download a chess interface (Dasher or Blitzin) and you are set to go! If you are experienced user I suggest Blitzin, otherwise Dasher is the preferable option. My account at ICC is sjevtic and I work on ICC as an official vendor.

Lichess or Chess.com - If you want to use any of these servers, please let me know and I will give you firther information.

Something about the fees

There are different fees depending on the type of service you prefer. Please choose a method which will best suit you and let me know.

A. Follow My Plan!
I start with my typical improvement program which covers all stages of the game. In general this is the best method because it will fill in any blanks in your knowledge of typical positions in all stages of the game. This method is the best for students who really want to understand chess better and become a completely better chess player.
Required lessons frequency: 2 hours per week
for information

B. As You Wish!
You can choose topics to work on for each lesson based on your interest. Topics can be covered at one or more lessons and each next topic does not need to be at all related to the previous. This method is good for students who have a good knowledge of some stages of the game and they want to improve in some other stage or to improve in something particular.
Required lessons frequency: at least 1 hour per week
for information

C. Let Us Play!
During the lesson we play practice games at different time controls and analyse them immediately after the game. We can play different openings upon your request.
Required lessons frequency: none
per hour

D. You Send We Discuss!
You can send me pgn files with your games and during the lesson we will discuss those games in order to discover mistakes, find better plans and ideas, improve your opening knowledge, etc.
Required lessons frequency: none
per hour

E. You Send I Reply!
If you want to learn alone and need some help from an experienced coach and chess master you can send me pgn files with your games. I will put my comments and deep analysis of the game into a pgn file and send them back to you by e-mail.
Required lessons frequency: none
per game

Regarding payments

The method of payment depends on which chess server is used for our lessons:

If we use ICC payment should be done safely & securely via checkels, which is the official ICC way of payments for vendors. If you want to know more about it, please let me know.

If we use Lichess, Chess.com or if you want method E. You Send I Reply! payment goes directly to me. The best way for me to accept money is safely & securely through Paypal. Paypal is good because all fees for sending money are paid by me. Beside Paypal, I also accept MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT) but if you use these ways of payment the money sending fees will be paid by you.

Which ever method of payment you choose, please contact me for further details.