Rasmus Petersen (Denmark)

The only question you should ask yourself is: "Do I want to get better at chess"? If the answer is yes, then you have your coach right here. Structured, ambitous, pedagogical, funny and flexible. You have it all here with Sasa.

Nickolas Christofides (PA, USA)

He is a terrific chess teacher. He is courteous, organized, well-spoken and an excellent teacher of chess.

Anish Srinivasan (VA, USA)

My son has played only a few classes with Mr.Sasa. The teacher goes in a structured way instead of randomly choosing any topic. That helps my son and makes sure we don't miss any tactics. His English is good and clear and my son has no problem understanding him. The best thing is that he follows up every class with puzzles as homework. He also reviews games that my son has played in the outside tournaments.

Benjamin Yin (OH, USA)

My son and nephew have learned chess from Sasa Jevtic for about 3 months, and both of their ratings increased sharply since Sasa coached them. Sasa is a very knowledgeable coach with a lot of experience and patience. He knows how to catch the kids' attention and how to make chess a more interesting game. Both of my boys are enjoying lessons from Sasa. I highly recommend Coach Sasa Jevtic.

Travis Vandergrif (PA, USA)

When I met Sasa I knew how to play chess. I constantly used tactics and opening tricks. I was an average player. Sasa taught me how to play chess the right way. Last week I beat an IM. I am learning and playing at a level I did not think was possible.

Neya Govindaraj (Wales)

Sasa has been teaching my daughter for the last 2 months, she finds his classes very interesting and informative. she feels she has learned a lot in each of these sessions. Sasa also send pgn files of each of his sessions which is very useful. overall an excellent coach,cant ask for more!

Easwar Rawaswamy (India)

Sasa coaches my children age 10 years and 7 years. Sasa has a vast knowledge and tailors the material to suit the age and level of the child. Most importantly, he also changes his teaching methodology to suit the age of the child. He is very patient and professional in his approach. The children look forward to his class and enjoy them. I highly recommend him.

Malcolm Loftus (England)

I have had a number of lessons from Sasa now and can positively state that he is an excellent teacher and would happily recommend him to anyone. I am returning to chess from a long absence and he has greatly improved my confidence and understanding of the game. I look forward to our weekly lesson and really enjoy them. He keeps the pace at a level you understand and makes sure you do understand before moving on.

Klaus Lyngsoe (Denmark)

Sasa is a great coach. He is providing me with a systematic approach to improving my chess skills. I enjoy that Sasa is always well prepared and ready at the schedueled time. Lessons are always interesting and I can feel Sasa's true and catching enthusiasm, whenever we are looking at a beautiful position or move. I also appriciate Sasa as an invaluable source of insight when I have questions about a game - no matter if it's an upcoming game or a game which I am trying to analyze. I recommend Sasa to anyone, who wants to improve as a chessplayer.

Keturah Gadson (MO, USA)

Sasa has been an extraordinary chess coach. He began with end game fundamentals, beginning my foundation. He has also gone in great depth of openings, and has taught me some openings such as the Caro Kann and the Colle-Z, which to this day are two of my favorite openings. Sasa has taught me the importance of practicing chess and studying the different aspects of chess. He has brought my chess playing farther than I could've ever made it on my own, and he is still improving it. Though I have been taught many things, I still have a lot of learning to do. But with Sasa's undoubtful knowledge of chess, I know that I will learn. He is not only an extremely talented chess player but also a greatly knowledgeable chess coach. With Sasa's teachings, I learn something new every lesson and I will continue to learn.

Isaiah Gadson (MO, USA)

Sasa's coaching has been excellent for me. He has been my coach ever since the sixth grade. I met him through a chess camp that I attended and he was the teacher. He saw incredible potential in me and told me that my play was good but my endgame needed a lot of work. At this particular moment i was about 1100 in my USCF rating, and now I'm in the eleventh grade and have a 2065 USCF after five years of training. That is about a 1000 point increase! I am incredibly thankful to Sasa's training even though it has been a little tough at some times. Thank you for all your hard work, Isaiah Gadson

Adam Albright (KS, USA)

Sasa is a great chess coach and has helped me become a strong chess player. He has coached me for about two years and it has been a great experience for me. Sasa always reviews all of my tournament draws and losses with me and covers all of my questions. Since he has started teaching me I have improved greatly and become a more confident chess player. I have learned many things from him. The one thing he tells me the most is to play slow and take my time to think. But the most important thing he wants is for me to have fun playing chess. Thank you Sasa for being a great coach!

Bertrand Fulpius (Switzerland)

Sasa Jevtic is my coach from more than one year. He always gives me very accurate advices. He explains very well. He knows something about every opening. He helps me change main part of my opening's repertoire, to play kind of games according to my style (more positional). I would never have done that without him and it produces very good results. He is really not expansive. If you ask him for game analysis through pgn file, he answers very quickly. I recommend him! Bertrand, Switzerland, ELO 1850.

Erik Todal (Norway)

Sasa Jevtic is a brilliant chess coach with a deep knowledge of chess. He has been extremely patient and supportive. The coaching has helped me to push harder with my chess playing, and really take it seriously.
I had been a casual player of chess for a long time when I started looking for a chess coach that could bring me to a more seriuos level of playing. When I checked the profile of Sasa Jevtic on Chess.com and various other sites I was never in doubt that he was the right coach. His lessons are quite intense but also gives you time to improve your own tactical and strategic thinking. He is extremely patient and supportive, but at the same time always has an analytical and clear way of looking at the parts of the game and perspectives of the game.
For me the online type of coaching is preferable to use a lot of time driving from wherever I am at the moment. The online sessions with Skype works really great, and it makes it easy to record the video and audio with tools like Debut video capture software. Then you have excellent material for later review and the videos make it easy to scroll back to both special moves and go through longer strategies as many times as you like.

Jim Beach (FL, USA)

I would like to recommend Sasa to anyone who seriously wants to learn and understand chess better. His structured lesson plan has helped me understand and appreciate chess, and has made me a better chess player and student of chess in general. He is patient, and knowledgeable and has worked with me always with an intent to improve my game. His humor only adds to making our lesson enjoyable and I am always looking forward to our next lesson. The most important issue is his structured course which he presents to the student at their personal level and ability. If you want to improve Sasa is the instructor you need. The fact that he is a serious chess coach internationally and is at a master level himself only further adds to the qualities one should look for in choosing an instructor.

Daniel Whiteside (USA)

Sasa is a great teacher! He is able to explain things lucidly and clearly, and makes learning fun. We focused mainly on endgame, as per his recommendation, and at first I did not think it would help my overall game much, but it really did. I knew what positions I should strive to achieve, rather then just playing blindly with no foresight. Highly recommended! Voice chat is a great way to learn chess, in some ways, internet chess is much better then a real physical chess teacher! If you are looking for chess lessons then look no further :).

Hugo Holen (Norway)

I just wanted to express my thx to a great chess teacher - Sasa Jevtic. He has a very structured manner of working, and he is able to customize his teaching to each student's level and needs. At least that is my impression. We discuss our goal, how to get there, and make a plan. Better than that it can't get. Although I haven't quite reached Kasparov level, I have really enjoyed his lessons, because he is a really nice guy with great humor. The social talk is just as fun as sacking three pieces with an astonishing end game.

Alan Neal (KS, USA)

I have taken lessons from Sasa now for several months. For me the biggest difference in these lessons is that when I am finished I have confidence. Confidence that I am being taught important things, and confidence that Sasa knows what he teaches. I am not sure that I could be more complimentary about a chess coach.

Frederick Long (OH, USA)

At a recent tournament, the TD noticed with astonishment that my over the board rating had jumped over 400 points in a year. He asked me what my secret was. The answer was my internet chess coach, Sasa Jevtic! Not to disappoint him, I won the open section of that tournament. Sasa has helped me in all aspects of my game and with his help I feel confident that I can achieve a personal dream of becoming a titled player in addition to a known terror on the internet. Thanks Sasa! Also, Sasa is a very personable and warm person with a great family and has a good sense of humor. Not bad features for a coach. His English is excellent. PS. I actually visited Sasa in Paracin and we had a great time.

Jeffrey Vollmer (MO, USA)

Sasa is an excellent teacher that builds a solid foundation to develop your play to the next level. His instruction starts with basic end game techniques. I can show me Knight and Bishop checkmating game to show how effective his training is. he helped me develop and entire opening rep not just memorizing lines from a book. Very comprehensive teaching. Much better than any book or DVD. Great friend as well as teacher. I am glad we started training together. It has been profitable as a chess player and a person.

David Wilson (England)

I let my chess slide after playing a lot as a kid but then stopped playing as other things took over. When I started my PhD I started playing over the Internet (when I was supposed to be working) and realized I had a lot to brush up and even more to learn.
Now my opening knowledge is significantly better than it has ever been, but still needs a lot of work from my part. My tactics are back up to scratch, they had been exceptionally rusty. My endgame knowledge has been sharpened; I had never spent the time which is necessary and needed guidance. Sasa and I are currently sharpening my strategic knowledge and trying to persuade me to stop making stupid mistakes while playing. Sasa and I discuss a collection of my standard games weekly. They are improving leaps and bounds.
Lessons are given over the Internet. His English is impeccable apart from one repeated grammatical error he makes. But that error only adds weight to Sasa's Jedi like presence on the chess board ("get checkmated you will") which I find quite amusing and therefore have not (until now) mentioned it. I hope he continues to make that error to maintain the comforting feeling that your chess moves are being monitored by Yoda.
A highly recommended chess coach. I tried learning using books, DVD's and other resources including Internet links. It probably cost me more that than the chess lessons I have had from Sasa. Those lessons have improved my chess significantly more because I could not develop a decent learning structure myself. Sasa's prices are also extremely reasonable for what you get.

Justin (PA, USA)

Hi Sasa, nice work on the web site! I want to express my gratitude for the greater understanding of chess that you have given me. From difficult combinations to intricate strategical concepts, you have kept a keen eye on my strengths and weaknesses and taught accordingly. You have a thorough knowledge of chess and seem to enjoy sharing it with those that have a desire to learn. You are patient with mistakes that are naturally a part of the learning process and use your time efficiently to bring students to finding correct moves/ideas. I've been playing chess for many years, but only began being coached by you a year ago. I wish that I had found a coach such as you earlier, but am very confident that, under your direction, my playing abilities will continue to soar.